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A Private Yacht Charter is the pleasure, joy and excitement of sailing a traditional, graceful wooden yacht in a unique experience. Sail with us along the historic shores of the Aegean and The Mediterranean in the wake of Cleopatra...


Crewed yacht charter (or Private Yacht Charter) is the hire of a complete yacht, with captain and crew, for a specific period of time (usually one or more weeks). The route of the cruise is subject to agreement between the contracting parties, as are the ports of embarkation and disembarkation. The charter fee does not include the cost of food but does include its preparation and service.




The Blue Voyage is the surest way to get rid of all of your blues, but that is not really how the name was coined. Originated in Bodrum in the late 1950's by groups of writers, painters, and others interested in natural beauty and historical sites, the Blue Voyage started in the Gulf of Gökova and later extended to include the more distant southern shores of Turkey. Visit our Gulet Cruises in Turkey maps for details.


Under the bluest of blue skies, in the bluest of blue waters, the Blue Voyage is a leisurely cruise of relaxation and exploration: The crew will pamper you, feed you delicious, healthy food and take you to anchor in lovely coves and bays where you can swim, snorkel, surf and visit the sites of ancient civilizations. And at night, as you sip a drink of your choice, you will feel that you can stretch out your arms and gather handfuls of stars. The magnificent clarity of the star-studded sky seen on a Blue Voyage night is a wonder virtually unknown by those live in the cities of today.


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